Why do we need Democracy Training?

A healthy democracy needs people to be active and strong. To be strong democrats we have to be aware of our democracy “muscles”. Just like the muscles in our body, we might forget to exercise them, but we all have them! With Democracy Fitness Training we exercise our democracy muscles
and keep them toned to engage in our democracy!

Democracy Fitness Training

Democracy Fitness is a fun and active training that targets specific democracy muscles. The training is individual but we always exercise in group – because democracy is always a collective exercise!



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How do we exercise our Democracy Muscles?

A Democracy Fitness Training session lasts 30 minute sharp and it is best performed in group. Each session focuses on one democracy muscle. The aim is to make you aware of that particular muscle, activate it, exercise it and thereby make it stronger. All sessions must be both active and fun – but it also needs to be hard work – otherwise it won’t make you more fit for democracy.




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Do you want to become an instructor? At the Trainer Camp you will learn how to execute democracy fitness exercises and to design your own democracy fitness training.

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