Why Democracy Fitness?


Democracy doesn’t fall in your lap by accident. It needs to be trained actively. It needs people to be active and strong democrats.

It’s easier to be an active democrat if you have skills and competences. Thats why we exercise!

Democracy doesn’t fall in your lap by accident. Like the muscles in your body needs exercise to be strong, your democracy muscles also need exercise. This way we will feel more aware and fit to participate in the many democratic processes in our every day lives. Its individual training but alway performed in a group – because democracy always is a collective exercise.

Trine Demant, Zakia Elvang & Kathrine Krone
Founders, Democracy Fitness, 2017


AN ACTIVE TRAINing concept


Just like our body, democracy needs to be exercised in order to be healthy! That is why we have developed the concept of Democracy Fitness Training.

Democracy Fitness Training is an active training concept that tagets a specific “democracy muscle”.


Just like the muscles in our body, we might forget to exercise our democracy muscles, but we all have them! The aim of the Democracy Fitness Training is to make you aware of democracy muscles, activate them, exercise them and thereby make them stronger.


All sessions must be both active and fun – but it also needs to be hard work!

A training session lasts 30 minute sharp and focuses on one democracy muscle. We have developed a training session for 8 democracy muscles. Which muscle would you like to train?
Empathy, Active Listening, Compromise, Disagreement, Verbal Self-Confidence, Activism, Mobilisation, Curiosity.




Thanks to the support from the programme Advocate Europe, Demokratiscenen & Partners are now inviting you to train to become a Democracy Fitness Trainer. Participate in our Trainer Camp!


Help build better democracies

At the training camp you will learn how to execute the exercises that are already designed, to identify democracy muscles relevant in your country and context and to design an engaging exercise yourself to strengthen a particular democracy muscle. You will be able to go back home and immediately start building a better democracy – person by person – muscle by muscle. Every muscle training session designed on the camp will be shared and open to everyone on our Democracy Fitness Platform.


New skills and shared tools

On the camp you will learn about living democracy, change- and learning theory, modern facilitation skills, how to have clout and to design and facilitate a short energetic learning processes with high impact. Everything learned and produced will be shared.