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I am absorbed in how to design concepts and processes that make people want to act and engage in everyday democracy and participate in a more open public sector. I am educated as an anthropologist and have for many years worked with insight based organizational change and sense making through design thinking. I now work as a consultant designing and facilitating among other things public co-creation and change in policy.

contact: trinedemant@gmail.com



Kathrine krone

I am an "everyday activist". I find that even little actions in everyday life can move people. With a background in journalism I'm both very courrious, straight forward and concrete in my approach. I have made tv-programmes on many subjects e.g. the danish alcoholculture, football and science. Now I am developing and managing a local citizen-house in Roskilde, Denmark called “Byens hus”. 

contact: krone80@gmail.com

Zakia lille.jpg

zakia elvang

I work as a partner in the Danish-based organization WE DO DEMOCRACY that work for a progressive transformation of our democracies. To see that more people have a hand in shaping their own lifes and the society in which they are a part. We work as entrepreneurs, advisors and activists in the field of democracy innovation. I have a background in the management consulting industry with +20 years of experience. I am also the initiator of the international NGO Democracy Festival Community and the chair of the Danish association Demokratiscenen.

contact: zakia@wedodemocracy.dk


SIA andersen

In my volunteer work as a boardmember in Demokratiscenen (Democracystage) - the assosiation/NGO that founded Democracy Fitness - I found my self deeply amazed of how we are able to take part and motivate each other in constant evolving our democracy. This is why i’m engaged in structuring and organizing the Democracy Fitness camps. Because they will evolve democracy.

contact: sia.andersen@gmail.com